Clonbur Angling Club

Fishing is vital to the Clonbur area with many anglers returning year after year to fish two of Europe’s finest lakes, namely Lough Corrib and Lough Mask. Clonbur Angling Club, which currently boasts approximately 130 members, was established in the 1940’s and is situated in the secluded bay of Rosshill, which was acquired from the Department of Forestry at that time. This was always known locally as ‘The Boat House’ as there was a small boat house which was used for repairing boats/storing fishing rods. Today, though the boat house no longer exists, there are up to 80 boats moored here.

The mooring area at ‘The Boat House’ was deepened as there was an ongoing problem with silt. The piers have also been numbered and upgraded.

The club continues to strive to improve the conditions for fishing and anglers. One of the most recent endeavours of the club was to finance and build a hut on Saint’s Island on Lough Mask for fishermen to shelter/lunch. The club deserves great credit as the hut was badly needed and is a great addition to the facilities in Clonbur for local and visiting anglers alike.

We also donated €5,500 to the Inland Fisheries to clean an important local spawning river; the Cahergeal River and over the years, the club has helped clean feeding streams to Lough Mask.

The club also donated to the Corrib/Mask Rescue boat which is moored on Lough Mask at Tourmakeady – a vital service in the event of an emergency on any of our local lakes.

€500 was donated to Clonbur Tidy Towns to improve signage for Clonbur.

Clonbur angling club also provides, free of charge, boat handling and fly-tying courses for the young and not so young on a regular basis.